Real Juice Company

Established in 2003, Real Juice Company is a wholly Australian owned and operated juice company. 
We aim to provide consumers with real fruit juices manufactured using the highest standards and best quality practices. 
As Australia's largest family owned juice company, we are proud to support our local growers and work closely with them to ensure they implement best farming practices to maintain a high level of quality fruit.
Our 100% fruit juice is just that -100% fruit, with no added sugar or harmful chemicals.
Our not-from-concentrate (NFC) orange juice is gently pasteurised to ensure you get the "Real Juice" taste experience.
We are constantly looking for new ways to satisfy our customers; we are currently working on a new and exciting range of flavoured tea's and vitamin-enriched juices.
At Real Juice Company we do not compromise on taste, quality and variety. Our philosophy is simple - to provide our consumers with 'Real juice'.